Institute for Catholic Education (ICE)

  • Offers many downloadable resource to support Catholic education. Here you will find the Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations, the revised Health and Physical Education curriculum document, supplementary resources to for Religion and Family Life and examples of effective practices from various boards of education.

Catholic Association of Religious and Family Life Educators of Ontario (CARFLEO)

  • Provides a wealth of Catholic curriculum resources, including supplementary resources to support Gr. 7 and 8 family life themes, resources for virtues education, liturgical resources, links to Catholic affiliations, course links for grades K-12, course profiles etc.

Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB ) (French - CECC)

  • provides updates on current Catholic resources, media releases on current events, information about dioceses in Canada, and the Catholic Church in Canada and around the world
  • information available in English and French

Assembly of Catholic Bishops of Ontario (ACBO)

  • site provides information and supplementary materials to support Fully Alive education
  • Links to Catholic associations
  • Information is available in English and French

Ontario Catholic School Trustees Association (OCSTA)

  • site supporting faith-filled and successful Catholic schools in Ontario
  • Catholic Education Week resources and information is found on this site
  • Catholic Education Week resources from previous years are archived on this site

Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (OECTA)

  • all members of OECTA have access to the resource library containing many recommended books and articles for professional development, as well as an extensive list of resources

Catholic Principals' Council of Ontario (CPCO)

  • CPCO is a voluntary, professional organization that provides services, professional learning opportunities and resources for the principals and vice-principals in Ontario's 29 publicly-funded Catholic school boards

Ontario Catholic Supervisory Officers Association (OCSOA)

  • OCSOA is a professional organization of superisory officers.
  • website offers professional development resources, information and links dedicated to fostering the interests of Catholic education.